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4 page document discussing the national civil rights movement and the struggle for desegregation in Arlington. Backs of pages include a program of a dinner and dance, a salute of the Arlington Young Democrats by the Arlington County Board Democrats,…

Pro-Segregation literature on the basis of anti-Russian American identity and white supremacy

Mailer campaigning for the election of Convention Candidates - Ralph Kaul, David Krupsaw, Barnard Joy, Barbara Riches, James Stockard - to the Arlington County Board and School Board, rather than the A.I.M. candidates. 7 pages

Document by County Board member Leo Urbanske stating his commitment to public schools and Arlington County.

Letter from Thrifton residents, with Mrs. Henle and Mrs. King's names and phone numbers listed as people to contact urging a vote against the referendum.

Document containing statements of residents of Lyon Park, with names and addresses, declaring why they will be voting against the referendum and urging neighbors to join them. Two pages

Remarks made by Representative Watkins Abbitt on Thursday, June 9, 1955. Rep. Abbitt reads a statement prepared by the Defenders of State Sovereignty and Individual Liberties, an organization formed in opposition to the Supreme Court's ruling…

Unsigned letter to Senator Charles Fenwick to ask him to oppose amending the state constitution.

Mailing urging recipients to call or write to Northern Virginia Delegates and Senators to oppose calling a constitutional convention.

Mailing by Jack Orndorff to Virginia voters asking them to research and consider the impact of the proposed change to the Virginia Constitution before voting in the referendum. 2 pages

Letter from Leo Urbanske urging a vote against the referendum.

Information Sheet compiled and published by the Virginia Society for Preservation of Public Schools against amending the constitution and tuition grants. 15 pages

Letter from Leo Urbanske urging a vote against the Constitutional Convention referendum.

Letter from the Committee of Mothers of the Madison Precinct urging a vote against the Constitutional Convention referendum.

Letter from candidate to the Virginia Constitutional Convention on March 5, 1956 explaining his position against amending Section 141 of the constitution.

Letter from the Virginia State Industrial Union Council on District of Columbia Council stationary urging union members to vote against the Constitutional Convention referendum on January 9th. 4 pages. Back of last page has handwritten names written…

Fact sheet issued by Citizens Committee for School Improvement against the referendum for a Constitutional Convention on January 9th.

Letter from the Save Our Schools Committee of Arlington to the public regarding the referendum on January 9th. Two pages

Letter from Robert Johnson, managing director of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce, updating Leo Urbanske of the Arlington County Board of a recent resolution passed by the Chamber. Attached is Resolution by the Arlington Chamber of Commerce that the…

Address of the Governor to the General Assembly submitting a bill for a referendum on holding a Constitutional Convention to amend Section 141 of the Constitution of Virginia. 4 pages
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