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Brief for Appellees, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, No. 71-1791: John K. Hart, et. Al v. County School Board of Arlington County, et al 17 pages
Letter to Robert Mc Gregor, Jr. President, Arlington NAACP Branch, from Jorge P. Osterling, Director, Community Services, March 9, 1995 indicating he is enclosing material from his desegregation files.
Issue presented for Review: John K. Hart, et al v. County School Board of Arlington County. Issue presented for review is "whether or not the desegregation plan adopted by the Arlington County School Board and put into effect in September 1971 is…
Letter to Elizabeth Campbell from Henry D. Gardner, Asst. Superintendent for Personnel, February 11, 1991 expresses admiration for her foresightedness with regard to Arlington Public Schools.
Arlington County School Board Action Item: Barcroft Parent Request, Grade 3 Students, April 16, 1986. Includes Superintendent's Recommendation that current Barcroft third grade students from Nauck be permitted to continue attending that school for…
ASD 25-6.01 (revised), October 1985; re instructional transfers. 2 pages
Handwritten note regarding Mrs. Syphax's support that black students in third grade at Barcroft remain there through sixth grade, May 3, 1984 and unrelated handwritten note on back. 2 pages, front and back
Memo to Dan Brown from Margaret McCourt-Dirner, Principal re "response to Mrs. Syphax's Questions on Racial and Ethnic Distribution of Students Affected by Reduced Busing, March 22, 1983
Memo to Daniel Brown from Bob McNeal re "Racial and Ethnic distribution of Students Affected by Reduced Busing, March 22, 1984
Memo to Daniel L. Brown, Director, School/Community Relations from Nancy King re "Third Grade Students Affected by Reduced Busing, March 23, 1984.
Memo to principals for Abingdon, Barcroft and Randolph from Daniel L. Brown re "Racial and Ethnic Distribution of Students Affected by Reduced Busing, March 20, 1984
Nunley from Daniel L. Brown re "Request for Information Regarding Racial and Ethnic Distribution of Students Affected by Reduced Busing, "March 27, 1984. Answers to questions posed by School Board member Evelyn Syphax. 2 pages
Memo to Chairman and Members, Arlington County School Board from Charles G. Flinn county Attorney and Cynthea L. Perry, Assistant county Attorney, May 27, 1983 regarding proposed changes in busing plan. 3 pages
Memo to Superintendent of Schools from Administrative Staff re "reduced Busing-Drew Area Students." 4 pages
Memo to Dr. Arthur W. Gosling from Henry D. Gardner re "Drew Area Students vis-avis Barcroft," February 27, 1986 and supplementary material.
Memo to School Board members from Arthur W. Gosling re "Barcroft Parent Request, Grade 3 Students" re placement of third-grade children residing in Nauck being permitted to complete their elementary school education at Barcroft School including…
Arlington School Board Meeting, Item E-2, "Barcroft Parent Request, Grade 3 Students," prepared April 16, 1986. Requested third grade children attending the school who reside in the Nauck community be permitted to complete their elementary education…
History of Cherrydale School by Mrs. Peter S. Taylor. 9 pages
Letter to Mrs. Peter S. Taylor from Robert L. Chisholm, Superintendent, congratulating her on her book "History of Cherrydale School,: June 8, 1971.
Letter to Rotary Club of Arlington President, George Walz from Lelia B. Saunders, Director of Libraries, July 16, 1984, encouraging organization to donate their material to the Community Archives program. 2 pages
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