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October, 1964 issue of the Arlington Education Association newsletter. 4 pages.
Facts and projections compiled in order to judge the relative ability of Arlington County to draw and hold new and experienced teachers. 9 pages.
Explanation of bonding and insurance needed for the business office including costs and coverage. 2 pages.
11 positions the AEA will promote.
Handwritten index card concerning racial mix of District Schools, lacking context. Verso total students, by race, in elementary, junior high, senior high and Teachers College. 2 pages.
Explanation of questionnaire including criticisms of questionnaire. Questionnaire developed to guide officers and committee chairmen in planning their work for the year. Following 5 pages are respones to salary committee questionnaire. 6 pages.
Treasurers' Report for September, 1964. 2 pages.
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes including discussion of BA-MA transfer plan. 2 pages.
AEA Salary Committee 1964-65, Proposed Career Transfer Scale. Chart.
AEA Salary Committee 1964-65, Current Differentials for Acquiring MA Degree. Chart.
Explanation of the transfer procedures for teachers that move from BA to MA or PHD. Explains inequity in the present transfer procedures. Proposes a plan to eliminate inequities. Pages 1 and 2.
Committee to study the full implications of NEA Resolution #12, Desegregation in the Public Schools. Conduct a survey to determine the number of members have been affected by desegregation.
Statement of qualifications for teachers for membership in Association.
Resolution to require all local, district and state associations affiliated with the National Education Association to remove all restrictions dealing with race, creed or ethnic restrictions and to take action to complete integration at all levels by…
Agenda items for October 22, 1964 meeting.
Advance agenda items for October 22, 1964 meeting. Page 3.
Advance agenda items for October 22, 1964 meeting. 2 pages.
Booklet explaining the in-service training program, its purpose and history. 7 pages.
Bogen addresses his relationship with Arlington school leaders and the School Board. 2 pages.
"An expression of appreciation for distinguished service in community-wide volunteer effort for the achievement of quality education in the public schools of Arlington County, Virginia."
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