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Paper written by Dudley P. Babcock as a personal historical perspective on the history of slavery worldwide and particularly in the United States. "It is proposed here to give a very brief overview of these facts [historical and opinion] from an…

Residence of Arlington County Employees as of March 5, 1960. Document dated March 22, 1962.

Sample of Census Tracts

Distribution of Employees Pay Grades 1-6 by Residence, March 21, 1962.: Produced by Arlington County Dept. of Personnel

Report on Housing in Arlington County with Particular Attention Toward Discrimination Toward Negroes by Arlington Council on Human , April 1962 6 pages.

A Report to the Arlington Churches on Racial Discrimination in Bowling Alleys and Motels, early 1964.

Broadside: The Negro Citizen in Arlington published by American Council on Human Relations.
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