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Multi-page program for the Alexandria Branch, NAACP, Freedom Fund Rally, July 29, 1956. Rally was held at Parker Gray High School. Includes names of committee members, program of events, and advertisements from local businesses. 8 pages.

Program for "New Year Banquet and Installation of Officers of Alexandria Branch, NAACP" for January 26, 1959. Gives program of speakers and lists officers and executive committee members of Alexandria Branch, NAACP, for 1959. Includes song lyrics for…
"A Letter to Unregistered Negro Citizens of Alexandria Who have Paid Their Voting Tax," dated April 28, 1961, is a call to action for African-Americans to register and then vote for African-American candidates and candidates friendly to civil rights.…
Newsletter for the Alexandria Branch, NAACP, dated August 15, 1961. Reviews actions at the NAACP National Convention, gives personal briefs on branch members, and notifies members that CORE has been established in Northern Virginia and NAACP members…
Letter to Barbara Marx regarding community interest in serving on the Community Council for Social Progress' Education Committee.
Letter written on note card to Barbara Marx from Alice Williams dated March 2, 1961. Introduces letter Williams will be sending out to restart the Prince William County Branch, NAACP, and asking Marx to speak at the meeting mentioned in the branch…
Letter informing Negro citizens of the need to pay poll taxes for years 1962-1964 by December 5th in order to be able to vote for state officials and thanking different groups and individuals in getting out the voters.
Letter "To Our Ministers" from W.E. Costner, "All Citizens Registration Committee, asking for their help in voter registration, informing them of the last day for registration and the importance of Negro voter registration
Leaflet deriding current "progressive education" in America's public schools. Presents reasons why public education is being undermined by progressive ideas and how to combat it.
Bibliography of resources for defending public schools and understanding the opposition. 3 pages
A Study of the Problem of Integration, American Association of University Women, Workshop program and speakers
Report responding to a letter's claim that six Arlington textbooks were "socialistic" in nature (see 19-6-1-1-30). Quotations excerpted in the letter are put into context and defended. 7 pages
Documents, The American Council Of Christian Churches, stating their position and views on racial segregation and Paul Harvey, Giveaway Bosses Employ Trickery. Likely part of contents of Envelope Sent To Mrs. P. Costley, Secretary, Hoffman-Boston…

Broadside: The Negro Citizen in Arlington published by American Council on Human Relations.

Report on Housing in Arlington County with Particular Attention Toward Discrimination Toward Negroes by Arlington Council on Human , April 1962 6 pages.
The story of the integration process in Washington, D.C. right after the Supreme Court Decision.
School Desegregation
Resolution number 211 to commend the National Education Association and the Teaching Profession for supporting "American Legion Americanism." 2 pages
Science Test partial answers (?) with handwritten notes on back

Article about the first day of integrated school at Stratford Junior High School in Arlington and the preparations that had been made to make a smooth transition.
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