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Paper "Coordination at Work" by the NAACP on how to coordinate people for political action, specifically for voting and civil rights. Gives instruction and advice on creating a "year-round program" and organizing workshops. Seven pages.
Issue published on the formal dedication of Wakefield High School. Issue covers dedication ceremony, school activities, sports, awards and school departments. School has been open for two years before formal dedication.
County Statistics on costs of homes , conditions, income, health, welfare, race and problem areas. Page 1.
County Statistics on costs of homes , conditions, income, health, welfare, race and problem areas. Page 2.
Copy of ""Final Report of Citizens Committee Against Segregation in Recreation," May 20, 1948. Includes cover letter to "supporting organizations." Gives brief history and makeup of the committee, Chronicles the fight to desegregate parks and…
Flyer reprinting "Funeral of the Constitution," an opinion piece by Russell Maguire for the American Mercury, February, 1956. Cover shows political cartoon. Maguire laments the death of the Constitution through wounds delivered by the United Nations…
History of Cherrydale School by Mrs. Peter S. Taylor. 9 pages
Extensive legal discussion of the joint cases concerning civil rights statutes and NAACP Legal Defense Fund, defendants and Attorney General and Commonwealth Attorneys for the State of Virginia, plaintiffs.
Listing by grade, name and school.
Historical perspective and current analysis of Little Rock, desegregation and status of Negros.
"Maury's Secrets" , a booklet of poems and artwork that the Student Council selected and arranged. 64 pages
"Memo on Local Placement in Northern Virginia," April 15, 1961. Gives brief history of African American student placement and attendance in Arlington public schools. Gives shorter updates on Fairfax County and Falls Church. Two pages.
Memo on the success of the Pupil Placement ordinance that allows Negro students to request attending "white schools" in their areas, 2 pages.
Review of the issues facing the NAACP concerning Fort Lee in Fairfax County where colored children are not allowed to enroll in Fairfax Schools, comments on nomination of Thurgood Marshall to Supreme Court, meeting with Attorney General Robert…
Flyer for the Arlington Branch, NAACP, event on November 28, 1961. The Arlington Council on Human Relations presents a panel on housing in Arlington County. Speakers include Robert Groom, Edward B. Hincks, and Mrs. William [Evelyn] Syphax.
April 1963 newsletter for the Arlington Branch, NAACP. Previews next meeting, reminds readers to pay poll taxes, gives news on membership drive and school desegregation. Verso has stamp, postmark, and Barbara Marx address. Two pages.
April 1964 newsletter for the Arlington Branch, NAACP. Promotes branch dinner on May 15, lists new officers in youth group and members of branch membership committee, reminds readers of poll tax payment. Verso has stamp, postmark, and Barbara Marx…
August 1962 newsletter for the Arlington Branch, NAACP. Encourages letter-writing campaign to President Kennedy to end housing discrimination and to support Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., upon his arrest in Albany, Georgia. Promotes Freedom Fund…
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