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Outline of developments in desegregation the South as well as in Virginia specifically.
A summary prepared by the League of Women Voters of Arlington regarding Virginia school boards' adopted pupil assignment plans to admit Black students in white schools.
A summary prepared by the League of Women Voters of Arlington regarding localities affected by desegregation and legal developments in Virginia. Handwritten notes pertaining to school funding are in the margins.
A briefing prepared by the League of Women Voters of Arlington regarding the Virginia General Assembly's enactment of the Gray Commission's recommendations. 2 pages
Report describing the desegregation of the following in Arlington: movie theaters; housing; Arlington Hospital; and public schools. 8 pages
A study produced by the Arlington Chapter of the League of Women Voters regarding the Gray Commission Report and the Virginia Supreme Court Ruling on Payment of State Funds to Private Schools. 7 pages total, only pages 2-8 are included.
Table showing Virginia counties and information on population, expenditures per pupil, school taxes, and percent of school funding from the state. ND

Handwritten note - "Article on integration in VA - see Newsweek 1956picture of Mr. Richmond interviewing students." 2 pages, front and back, back does not appear to be relevant

Letter to Dr. Barnard Joy of the Arlington County School Board with copies to the members of the board written by parents of the graduates of Stratford Junior High School reporting their sponsorship of an integrated prom and encouraging integrated…

Anonymous letter expressing admonishment of a possible desegregated prom. 2 pages

Letter to Mrs. Roger H. Hollingshead regarding guardianship of a student and his enrollment at Stratford

Letter written on Virginia Committee for Public Schools stationary, appears to be signed Blair (Perhaps Dr. J. L. Blair Buck, President of the Committee). Very difficult handwriting to make out, first paragraph expresses commendation for Claude's…

Letter from L. J. Patterson to Claude Richmond regarding the integration of Stratford.

Letter from Paul Harenberg, teacher in Suffolk Co, NY, requesting a student visit to Stratford to learn about the integration of southern schools

Letter from Jerry J. Gerich to Claude Richmond with enclosed article from Free Pres-Chicago News Service regarding the integration of Stratford. 4 pages

Letter from Helen do Carmo (Mrs. Daniel do Carmo, Sr.) with an enclosed newspaper article in the Brazilian newspaper Correio da Manhregarding the integration of Stratford. 3 pages, 2nd page appears to be a retype of the text of the article and 3rd…

Notice from the Arlington County School Board designating the segregation of seats at public events in accordance to the Code of Virginia

Letter from Claude Richmond submitting an inquiry from Mrs. E. L. Hamm regarding her son's placement in the next year to Mr. Ray E. Reid.

Letter from Phoebe A. Lusk on behalf of the Stratford Junior High School PTA commending Claude Richmond of the way Stratford integrated. Letter mentions enclosed resolution, document not found.

Letter from Howard Paul regarding the integration of Stratford.
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